Bossan Carpet starts in 1950 and still continues. The first steps in the weaving sector were made with a non-motorized traction weaving machine producing woven fabric which local name is kutlu fabric.

Beginning 1950, Bossan Carpet was showing activity in various branches of weaving and was growth and becomes to a large shareholder in the weaving industry in Gaziantep. Bossan Carpet becomes to a company in 1993 and in 1998 decided to be a integrated facility, with this decision Bossan Carpet begins in 2000 to the production of pp yarn in his facility and has been exemplary for many companies in Gaziantep. Bossan Carpets pp yarn facility produces 1900-2000 ton per day, this yarn is using for the production of there own carpets and is importing and exporting to different places around the world.

Today with a covered industrial area of 100.000 m2 and his 560 high qualified and experienced personnel. Bossan Carpet is constantly renewing and is using the latest weaving systems and pp carpet yarn facility to give good service to the world. Bossan Carpet produces carpet for 8.000.000 m2 per year and exporting it to 82 countries in the world and makes great contribution to the economy of Turkey.

Bossan Carpets new investment in tufted wall to wall carpets facility that will open soon haves a year plan to make production of 4.200.000 m2 per year.

Bossan Carpet checks the product at every step with sensitivity and ensures that everything will be produce as the customer orders so from begin till the end every little detail will be examined to keep the customers satisfaction at the highest level.

Bossan Carpet haves a wide argument with his own unique style and quality’s.This argument is exhibited in a big showroom of 450 m2 presented for the costumers.In this showroom with visual effect are to find around 900 carpets with different colors and quality’s to perform all the wishes and requests from the customers.


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