Bossan carpet has entered in this sector in 1950. The weaving sector was made with non-motorized pull loom weaving machine producing woven fabric( which was local name has called Kutlu Fabric.)

Carpet manufacturing has started to our family from 1950 until 1980 operation in this sector.And Our family began to manufacture carpets in 1980.

Our company is from 1980 to 1993 ,was active various branches of the carpet sector.Our company as a Professional incorporated with the latest technology in 1993.

İt has carpet weaving industry leadership by major shareholders in the growth and development in Gaziantep also.

Our company is was decision towards integrated plant area in 1998 and has established polypropylene yarn and polyester yarn the latest technology in Gaziantep organized industrial in 2000.Among recent of status so far from our perpective has came full computer system equipped renewing weaving machines.And has taken its place among of the world giants with this sentence:


Invesments without break firm continue so far.Our company annual production machnine carpet for 16 million m2, tufting carpet 21.000.000 m2 and P.P Yarn,Polyester Yarn for 38.500 m2.

Our company still providing of employment and production of ourselves products %90 of the exports to 105 countries at this time.

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